Where the Gallyfern Grows

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Where the Gallyfern Grows
Level 7
Type Main quest
Location Cronk Island

Where the Gallyfern Grows is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Rosemunda says that her husband Lorcan might know where the Gallyfern grows. Maybe by finding him I can figure out if there is Gallyfern here on Cronk, and if it possibly has to do with a prison, or the criminal Tarquin.




  • Find Lorcan in Cronk Island and see if he knows where the Gallyfern grows.
  • Lorcan wants me to defeat an evil treant named Ottokar. Ottokar is in the upper part of Cronk Island.
  • Find the place where the Gallyfern plant grows.
  • Speak with Nikodem, the Warden nearby the Gallyferns in Cronk Island.


  • 2 silver, 50 copper
  • 7000 XP
  • Uncommon Shaman Boots (different depending on the played class)


  • Follow the path up into Cronk Island and speak to Lorcan E6. He will tell you where to find the Gallyfern Plant.
  • Continue following the path all the way up and kill Ottokar in E4.
  • Go to the center of the island and speak to Nikodem D4.
  • Keep talking to him to get the follow up quest: The Criminal, Known as Tarquin


Lorcan: "I don't want to be found! Can she see me from here? She can't, right?" You "No. But any chance you could forgive Rosemunda?"

Lorcan: "Forgive that meat cleaver wielding nightmare? Are you out of your mind? I came to this rotten island to get away from her! And now she's--"

You "I have to cut you off. Ha! Get it? Anyway, I need to know about the Gallyfern!"

Lorcan: "The Gallyfern plant? Why, sure, I can tell you about it. The great huntress, Celestia, one of the Legendary Four, imbued it with a protective enchantment during the Shadow Years."

You "How does it work?"

Lorcan: "Only those pure of heart and mind can go near it. All others recoil from its scalding touch. Like me, for example. I tried to go near that little camp one time, and ouch!"

You "What little camp?"

Lorcan: "Just up the ridge there. The Gallyfern grows in a strange circular pattern around the camp. All the evil and nasty things here on Cronk Island avoid it completely."

You "Then to this camp I go! Thanks, Lorcan."

Lorcan: "Wait, wait! Are you heading there right now?"

You "Yes, that's my plan." Lorcan: "Say, listen, on your way there, how about bashing in an evil treant named Ottokar for me? After Rosemunda cut off my hand, that beast ate it! And now I'm useless with a sword."

You "Well, I'm a handy hero. Ha, get it? Sure! I'll take down Ottokar."

Lorcan: "Thank you, <Player Name>. Ottokar sits just up on the ridge there."

Nikodem: "Oh, my, a visitor! Don't know how many years it's been since a creature of any kind had a proper chat with me!"

You "What do you mean?"

Nikodem: "One whiff of the Gallyfern plant here, and most just start shrieking and clawing at themselves, and then scramble away. The last one who tried, why she shredded her own fancy gown to bits, and kept screaming about a wooden something. Quite out of her mind."

Gained 7000 experience!

You "But it doesn't seem like the Gallyfern affects me at all." Nikodem: "Then you must be pure of heart and mind! The name is Nikodem, it's nice to make your acquaintance."

You "Nice to meet you. So, what is this place?"

Nikodem: "Well, I'm not supposed to tell you. Those are the strict orders from the king himself!" You "But I am pure of heart and mind, as you can see!"

Nikodem: "Right you are! Well, in that case, you are looking at Gallyfern Prison, population one!" You "Is the prisoner, Tarquin, here? Can I speak with him?"

Nikodem: "Slow down there, <Player Name>! Yes, it is Tarquin, and, yes, you can speak with him. You'll have to loosen his lips, though, with the magic password."

You "Open Sesame?"

Nikodem: "What? No! That is absurd! It is 'Baa Ram Ewe.' Speak the words to Tarquin, and he will be able to talk again."

Continued in: The Criminal, Known as Tarquin.