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All villages will have access to special projects that they can work towards as a community. These projects are challenging and difficult to obtain, but grant special permanent rewards for the village.

In total, there are 19 projects to improve the Village. The projects include 4 types of gathering node improvements, 4 to build and improve crafting stations. The improvements are available to all village members whether they are using a crafting station in the village or in the open world. There are also several projects for appearances (Statues, Empyrian Machine, Arboretum, Soilworks), and projects for conveniences (Vault, Training Grounds). A special repeatable project - Wellspring - grants all village members a buff that lasts a few days each time it is completed.

Projects are improved every time they rank up, and projects rank up when enough materials are donated to it via daily tasks.

Crafting Stations[edit | edit source]

Once Rank I is achieved, crafting stations become available to use in the village. As more Ranks are completed, the Crafting Stations gain Bonuses like Increased Experience, Decreased crafting costs, adding runes to equipment, faster crafting, enhancing your gear and easier ways to make some Refined Materials.

  • The Kitchen Project (max Rank X)
  • The Smithy Project (max Rank X)
  • The Woodshop Project (max Rank X)
  • The Tailory Project (max Rank X)

Gathering Nodes[edit | edit source]

The Sugar Mill, Fish Hatchery, Seedling Nursery and Geology Lab are ways for the Village to improve the capacity of the Village Gathering nodes. With each upgrade, a Village node will remain stocked for longer, up to 10,000 stocked. Nodes always take 20 naturals to stock.

  • The Sugar Mill (bug nodes)
  • Fish Hatchery
  • Seedling Nursery
  • Geology Lab

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • The Empyrian Machine (max Rank VI) - allows the village to change skies.
  • Statue of Yorick (max Rank I)
  • Statue of Anabelle (max Rank I)
  • Statue of Frederich (max Rank I)
  • Guardian Kings Statue (max Rank I)
  • Arboretum (max Rank VIII) - allows the village to change the look of all trees in their village. There are 7 different colors of Foliage Trees, and 7 different colors of Pine Trees that can be unlocked (in addition to the base versions, so 8 of each total).
  • Soilworks (max Rank VIII) - allows the village to change the look of the terrain in the village. Changing the terrain will change the ground texture, grass that grows there and flowers. There are 7 different soil types that can be unlocked (plus the base, so 8 in total).

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

The Wellspring[edit | edit source]

The Wellspring is the first repeatable projects and is located in a cavern below the town center. It will grant the entire village powerful boosts that last for 3 days. There are several types and version of boosts. Each boost will be random. After 3 days the buff expires, the Wellspring Project will be reset and can be completed again.

The Vault[edit | edit source]

Each rank unlocks an additional half of a vault page, up to Rank X, for a total of 9 vault pages.

Training Grounds[edit | edit source]

Each rank unlocks additional Elder Dummies, up to Rank VIII.

COG Depo[edit | edit source]

Each rank unlocks an additional NPC that allows you to trade supplies or pick up a common, uncommon, or rare supply crate, up to Rank IV.

Daily Tasks[edit | edit source]

The project daily can be accessed upon clicking on any active project board in the village and selecting the Task tab. This tab has a blue bar, which represents the progress of the daily. The blue bar resets every 23 hours and upon resetting it will donate as many points as was completed to the appropriate project.

Each day, the project will ask for one type of gathered or crafted item (Fruit, Wood, Mushrooms, Beetles, Silkworms, Ore, Meat Fish, Oil Fish, Pelts, Timber, Ingots, Oils, Cloth, Leather, Ham, Eggs) and gold. The types of items requested varies by the project. There is a limit for each item and each tier.

The daily task contributes a maximum of 1,000,000 points towards the next rank, if 100% of the requested items are donated, however the optimum completion for each daily task is between 15% (300,000 points) and 25% (500,000 points), as the first 5% and the last 50% contributed are scaled down.

Use the Tomorrow button beneath the bar to prepare for the next assortment of items.

Donating[edit | edit source]

To donate to a village project, players can left click on any project board - then click on 'Task' tab. The donation window will open and players can donate any of the materials listed. To donate, a player can drag and drop the item from their inventory into the corresponding slot on the project board.