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Each village has a unique set of gathering nodes for every type of gatherable material in the game. These village gathering nodes work exactly like a normal node, save for a few things:

Stocking[edit | edit source]

Village gathering nodes need to be stocked and replenished in order to use. Every time that a village node is stocked, it will fill the node up with 200 of that exact type of material. The cost to stock a node is twenty of any one type of material, though a new village must pay the initialization fee of 50 materials for the first use.

Once stocked, the node will carry materials until a character depletes it. To stock a village node, a character can click to interact with the village stocking bin.

The Village stocking bins are circular with bright green roofs

Once the player begins interacting with the stocking bin, a menu will appear noting all of the various types of materials a player can stock at that bin. The amount of materials required for each node will also be listed. To stock a node, a player must simply drag and drop a material into the village stocking window. When a player stocks a node, that character will receive a small bonus amount of experience towards that gathering skill.

Nodes that have materials will have small animations to mark them as stocked.

Depleting[edit | edit source]

A village node will remain stocked until a player depletes the node. Depleting the node requires pulling all 200 materials from the node.

When the node has been depleted a small message will be displayed. Additionally mousing over the node will no longer display the corresponding tool, but rather an ’empty’ mark.

Naturals[edit | edit source]

The term ‘natural’ refers to any gatherable material that has been pulled from a world gathering node. Any resources that has been pulled from a village node will be marked as a village material.

Stocking a village gathering node requires ‘natural’ materials. Resources pulled from the village gathering node can not be used to replenish a depleted node.

Beyond stocking, there is no difference between a natural and a village resource. Both can be used in the exact same fashion during crafting.

Cornucopias[edit | edit source]

When gathering from any village node a player will have a one in fifty chance to pull a cornucopia. Cornucopias are a consumable item that restore 15 mana and 15 health.