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Traveling Vendors/Adventure Supplies/Motes of Yorick

  • Offers Mote of Yorick. Each has their own price which changes after any update.
  • Buys same items as Common Vendors
Name Zone Grid Last known cost

@ 9/8/20 update

Silsha Artemia Ardent City E3 11s 5c
Aleshy The Crystal Spire F2 9s 83c
Auces The Moonglade F7 9s 44c
Buegler The Traven Isles H6 10s 72c
Cesel The Corkle Woods F6 10s 13c
Crista Forever Tree F4 10s 92c
Dacest The Corkel Woods C7 9s 76c
Darria Vendor's Assistant The Rye B6 9s 91c
Dougall Addict's Ascent E6 10s 72c
Elmz The Corkle Woods G4 10s 81c
Erikson Aberdeen Caves C7 11s 7c
Filiberto Forgotten Reservoir H1 10s 43c
Freeda Rackabone's Peak D5 11s 14c
Histrix The Traven Isles A4 10s 65c
Hugghis Crystal Quarry G2 10s 45c
Jewell Southern Marsh C6 10s 72c
Larisa Sirens Course E4 9s 37c
Philimor Pyrron Mezzanine D7 9s 79c
Regarton Keppel Cavern B6 10s 95c
Roarber The Drom F3 w/teleporter 11s 35c
Shallara The Crystal Spire Crystal Sanctuary 10s 76c
Sidiya Shady Sister Glendergan D7 8s 95c
Tilker The Sanctorium H3 10s 44c
Uelde Keppel Cavern G7 10s 88c
Warrod The Crystal Spire F4 10s 17c

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