The Scoop On Drama

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The Scoop On Drama
Level 4
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

The Scoop On Drama is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

'm still trying to find out who could be the Malicious Miscreant. Eugenio gave me another lead, which is Hugo, Clementine's fiance. Eugenio suggested I start by talking with Gormlaith, the town gossip.




  • Speak with Gormlaith in Summer's Hollow.
  • Head to Ganymeade Grove. There is a forest path on the north side of town.
  • Find Balfoure in Gandymeade Grove and give him the jug of Aged Sumpty Cabernet.


  • 1 silver, 20 copper
  • 2940 XP
  • Uncommon Shaman Gloves (different depending on the played class)



Gormlaith: "My heart really does go out to him. Poor Hugo. He must be devastated that his bride-to-be, the beautiful Clementine DeClancy, has vanished!"

You "Indeed!"

Gormlaith: "Not to mention that he was already in such a dark mood last week, screaming and mumbling to himself about who knows what. And now this! Oh, poor Hugo."

You "Why was Hugo in such a dark mood last week?"

Gormlaith: "I wish I knew! I write the gossip column for the Summer's Hollow Gazette, and Clementine and Hugo are all anyone wants to read about."

You "A dark mood, and now his fiancee has vanished. Sounds suspicious!"

Gormlaith: "I heard that Hugo and Clementine went on a picnic in Gandymeade Grove last week, and whatever happened there, prompted Hugo's dark mood. Say, I bet Balfoure saw what happened!"

You "Then I'll talk to Balfoure! Who is he?"

Gormlaith: "An old forester who lives in Gandymeade, and loves the sauce. Give him this jug of Aged Sumpty Cabernet. It's bound to get him babbling."

You received Aged Sumpty Cabernet!

You "Thank you."

Gormlaith: "You're welcome, <Player Name>!"

Balfoure: "No bald jokes, not one! Hear me!"

You "Understood. Care for a drink?"

Balfoure: "Oh, I do love a touch of wine. And it's a cab, my favorite!"

Gained 2940 experience!

You "Did you happen to see Hugo and Clementine here last week?"

Balfoure: "Oh, did I! And, wow! I never knew Clementine had such an aversion to, know." You "No, I don't know."

Balfoure: "An aversion to Hugo! There he was fawning all over her ,when she just suddenly lost it! Clementine called Hugo names that would make a sailor blush."

You "Yikes."

Balfoure: "Then she threw something at him, which caused Hugo to fly into a RAGE! He told Clementine she'd live to regret those words, and that she had no idea of what he was capable of."

You "Then what happened?"

Balfoure: "Then Hugo stormed north into the Valley of Oblivion. Malmuira is in charge down there, maybe she saw what he did next."

You lost 1x Aged Sumpty Cabernet.

Continued in: Into Oblivion.