The Gatherers of Ethos Island

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The Gatherers of Ethos Island
Level 10
Type Side quest
Location Summer's Hollow

The Gatherers of Ethos Island is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Otto thinks I have what it takes to a master gatherer. He has sent me out to the far reaches of Ethos Island to find gathering experts to train with them.


  • None



  • Find Clotilde the Angler at Crawsons Fen in Dagmar Strand.
  • Complete Clotilde's Lesson.
  • Head to Bedden Orchard in Dagmar Strand and find Efram the Fruit Picker.
  • Complete Efram's lesson.
  • Travel into Gandymeade Grove and find Malwina the wood cutter.
  • Complete Malwina's lesson.
  • Find Ajax the Mining Expert at the Dundeen Quarry in Gandymeade Grove.
  • Complete Ajax's Mining lesson.
  • Return to Otto in Summer's Hollow and tell him of your gathering success.


  • 15 Clockwork Harvester
  • 9600 XP
  • Kiwa Visitation Stone