The Criminal, Known as Tarquin

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The Criminal, Known as Tarquin
Level 8
Type Main quest
Location Cronk Island

The Criminal, Known as Tarquin is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I spoke with an interesting little crature named Nikodem, who gave me the magic password because I am pure of heart.he said the prisoner I am about to meet is very crafty, and I should be onmy guard. I believe I have just found Gallyfern Prison!




  • Speak with the prisoner on Cronk Island.
  • Find a Mud Dobber Beetle from a rotted tree.
  • Find a Cream Pop Mushroom, it grows at the base of trees.
  • Collect some Shimmering Spectral Silk from a Spectral Spider.
  • Bring the Mud Mask Ingredients to Helga.
  • Speak with Tarquin.


  • 2 silver, 90 copper
  • 9625 XP
  • Uncommon Wizard Belt (different depending on the played class)



Tarquin: "Pooiph wishgooth yes well... ooon whelll?"

You "Ahem. Forgive me, but 'Baa Ram You!"

Tarquin :"...and what do we have here? An eager traveler I think! As if eternal imprisonment and counting twigs weren't enough, are you here to bore me to death?"

You "So you're Tarquin, Mallok's wicked Viceroy?"

Tarquin: "Razor sharp, you are. And now my tedious afternoon is truly complete." You "You're not dead at all! How is it that--"

Tarquin: "--I have no intention of telling you anything, unless of course you assist me with my twig issue." You "I could just torture you with a Gallyfern leaf."

Tarquin: "Aha! But you won't, since you're pure of heart and mind as your tiresome presence through the Gallyferns illustrates. Now then, oh virtuous one, my twig issue?"

You "Fine. What is your twig issue?"

Tarquin: "My jailer, Helga, demands that I count the twigs of every stick in every tree, every day, if I want to be fed. She's a Wood Nymph and of course knows the exact number."

You "And?"

Tarquin: "And if you soften up Helga's mood for me by collecting the ingredients for her favorite mud mask cream, I can get out of counting today. Then maybe I'll answer some of your questions."

You "Fine. What are the ingredients?"

Tarquin: "A Mud Dobber Beetle, a Cream Pop Mushroom, and some Shimmering Spectral Silk, all of which can be found here on the island. Just not within my uh... circle of influence."

You "I'll do this."

Helga:Tarquin "Hurry now, tediously virtuous adventurer!"

Helga: "He's a wily one! He sent you to butter me up, didn't he?"

You "Yes. Here are the ingredients for your mud mask cream."

Helga: "Which I'll of course accept! However, it's comical that Tarquin thinks he's being so crafty!"

Helga: "He's a wily one! He sent you to butter me up, didn't he?"

Helga: "He's a wily one! He sent you to butter me up, didn't he?"

You "Yes. Here are the ingredients for your mud mask cream."

Helga: "Which I'll of course accept! However, it's comical that Tarquin thinks he's being so crafty!"

You "What do you mean?"

Helga: "I overheard you talking with both Nikodem and Tarquin. I've already ensured that Tarquin will help you, though of course he doesn't know that. Oh, just look at him nibble away on his biscuit! Hee hee!"

You "Hee hee?"

Helga: "I laced his Apraquat biscuit with a word loosening powder. It will make Tarquin exceedingly chatty. We've learned much from him over the years using that trick."

You "So how long has Tarquin been here?"

Helga: "Many, many, decades. But few know of his existence. It's better for us all, if the world thinks Tarquin dead."

You "Why?"

Helga: "Though evil Mallok was destroyed long ago, there will always be those who crave the vileness of his Shadow Years. Creatures would surely rally to Tarquin, if they knew the Viceroy lived. Tarquin must never be released!"

You "I agree! But the Miscreant has other ideas."

Helga: "Then go speak to Tarquin! The biscuit is beginning to work its magic. Tell him I have suspended his twig duties, that will get him chatting."

You lost 1x Shimmering Spectral Silk. You lost 1x Cream Pop Mushroom. You lost 1x Mud Dobber Beetle.

You "Thank you."

Helga: "You are welcome, <Player Name>."

Tarquin: "110, 111, 112... Well? Did you soften up Helga?"

You "Yes! She suspended your twig duties today!"

Tarquin: "Mmmm! I say, this Apraquat bisquit is really quite delicious! Reminds me of when I was just a boy, and I--"

Gained 9625 experience!

You "No, no. Tell me about the Malicious Miscreant instead!"

Tarquin: "The Malicious Miscreant, you say? I haven't the slightest idea who they are, but I quite like them already."

You "You must have some idea of what this villain wants with you."

Tarquin: "Well, no doubt this Miscreant seeks some vital nugget of knowledge from me, for my mind percolates with secrets of the oldest kind..."

You "Like what?"

Tarquin: "It could be that the Miscreant wants a certain valuable object that was once owned by Mallok. Ah, how its emeralds shone. And such beautiful dark magic it possessed!"

You "What happened to it?"

Tarquin: "The object was broken in half during the Great Battle, and the two pieces were lost. Each piece is still quite powerful on its own, but should the two halves ever be found and rejoined together..."

You "Yes?"

Tarquin: "Well, the owner of such a thing would wield the very powers of Mallok himself! Oh, for the glorious Shadow Years to return..."

You "The Obsidian Chalice! Do you know where the two pieces are?"

Tarquin: "There's an old sea hag who might know. She tried to visit me here once, but the Gallyfern hedge sent her fleeing mighty quick. Nowhere near as fast as that other woman in the fancy gown, though!"

You "Interesting. Anything else?"

Tarquin: "Well, since I'm feeling so amiable, I do have a memento that you might like, a page from my autobiography. It's a good read. If you're still curious as to how it is that I didn't die in the Great Battle."

You received Tarquin's Autobiography!

Continued in: Tying Up Loose Ends.