The Company of a Hag

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The Company of a Hag
Level 9
Type Main quest
Location Briny Caverns

The Company of a Hag is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Cassandra made the tincture for me. After I consume it, I will be protected, and Cassandra will take me to Grubella.




  • Talk to Cassandra near the Ethereal boat in the Briny Caverns.
  • Talk to Grubella, the Sea Witch, in the Emerald Grotto.
  • Return to Beppe. I can exit Grubella's cavern by walking onto the spectral dock.
  • She should be in Summer's Hollow, and give her the Briny Scrolls.


  • 3 silver, 40 copper
  • 37,8k XP
  • Rare Shaman Boots (different depending on the played class)



Cassandra: "The boat is just there. Are you ready to go, <Player Name>?"

You "I am. Take me to the Emerald Grotto."

Grubella: "I can't see, but I can hear! Who's there? Is that you, Donalda? You wicked creature! You never had any intention of following through on our bargain!"

You "Tell me more about this bargain."

Grubella: "Who are you? And why isn't my magic affecting you? Oh, that blasted Cassandra! She made you a tincture, didn't she? Infernal siren! Well, what do you want then?"

You "The Briny Scrolls. I have a pair of eyeballs, which I believe are yours. The scrolls for your eyes."

Grubella: "My eyes! You have my eyes?"

You "I do. And I also want to know about Donalda."

Grubella: "Donalda visited me one day. There was something about the girl, a coldness to her, a darkness, that I found quite appealing. She told me she craved beauty, wealth, and power and was willing to do anything for it. So I asked her, would you give up your soul in exchange?"

You "What did Donalda say?"

Grubella: "She said yes. And so I lent her the use of my eyes, which alone knew the location of an exceedingly powerful magical object, an artifact that had been broken in half long ago."

You "Mallok's Chalice?"

Grubella: "Yes. The chalice awakens only for those of a truly like temperament, and so it had never fully sparked for me. But for the heartless Donalda, it did. The moment she touched it, the evil thing awoke for her. She was instantly transformed into a creature quite unrecognizable from her old ugly self."

You "And how did Donalda betray you?"

Grubella: "She stole the chalice and threw away my eyes, leaving me crippled and abandoned!"

You "Where is Donalda now?"

Grubella: "No idea. She has the power to transform herself into anyone, she even impersonated a Greenhaven courtier once. It's possible you've already met her and didn't even know it. But I will tell you this, vanishing curses are a complicated magic. Unless one knows exactly what they are doing, they would likely need the aid of other powerful magics."

You "Powerful magics like a wishing well? Or maybe some Toxic Toadstools?"

Grubella: "Yes. Or even just a large sum of gold to hire a warlock to invoke a spell."

You "Then the Malicious Miscreant could be any one of them!"

Grubella: "Not my business, but I've kept my end of the bargain. Here are The Briny Scrolls. Now then, may I PLEASE HAVE MY EYES BACK?"

You "Yes, here they are."

Grubella: "My eyes! Victory! Victory!"

You received The Briny Scrolls! You lost 1x Pulsing Eyeballs.

You "Yes, victory... at least I hope."

Grubella: "I can see! I can see!"

Beppe: "Will I ever see him again! Did you find Grubella? Do The Briny Scrolls exist?"

You "I found Grubella and have the scrolls! But I can't make out the language. Can you?"

Beppe: "Yes, I can."

You "Here then."

Beppe: "Oh, no! It says the vanishing curses can only be lifted if the one who invoked the curse no longer breathes life. Only then, will those who have vanished, be returned."

You "Then defeating the Malicious Miscreant is truly our only recourse."

Beppe: "I have sent word to my colleague, Lady Philippa. She is a powerful sorceress, and sister to the King. Let us pray that she might be of some help to us."

You lost 1x The Briny Scrolls. Gained 37.8k experience!

You "I won't rest until the Miscreant has been vanquished!"

Beppe: "Duke Reynaldo, King Leo's Master of Arms, has come here from Ardent City to offer his aid. Perhaps he can assist you. Although, he seems somewhat..."

You "...somewhat?"

Beppe: "Unglued. He's near the Town Hall. He was sent here to meet Mayor Gummel, who has now also vanished!" You "I promise I won't give up! Your grandson will be returned."

Beppe: "You must find the Malicious Miscreant, and destroy--"

Continued in: The Arrival of the Duke.