The Chanteuse's Rookery

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The Chanteuse's Rookery

The Chanteuse's Rookery
Type Dungeon
Level Range Scaled

The Chanteuse's Rookery is the first of 7 raid locations. It is added along with Bandicott Woods in "Shadow of The Eclipse" update at May 18th, 2020.

The Chanteuse's Rookery's Fan Made Layout

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Bounties[edit | edit source]

Elder/Boss : Lilith

Walktrough[edit | edit source]

Upon switching the lever, you will start the raid and the timer starts.

  1. Into The Chanteuse's Lair ➤Go to Lower Anteroom "Pitter -patter. footsteps approach, disturbing my music..." Says Lilith.
  2. A Fork in the Road ➤You will have two options, either Enter the Theater or Enter the Lyceum.
    • Theater Route
      • Through the Theater ➤Find the Bronze Mallet in the Theater.
      • The Diabolical Twins ➤Defeat the Lyricist and the Poetess.
      • The End of the Dance ➤Recover the Bronze Mallet.
    • Lyceum Route
      • Through the Lyceum ➤Retrieve the Bronze Mallet in the Lyceum.
      • The Lonely Archivist ➤Defeat the Archivist
      • Lonely No More ➤Recover the Bronze Mallet.
  3. Breaking the Ice ➤Ring the Bronze Gong in The lower Anteroom.
  4. Going Up ➤Go to the Mid Anteroom.
  5. The Composer and the Minstrels ➤You will have two options, either Go into the Minstrels Hall or Go into the Parlor.
  6. Retrieving the Silver Mallet ➤Retrieve the Silver Mallet.
    • Parlor Route
      • Song of the Composer ➤Defeat the Composer.
    • Minstrels Hall Route
      • Music of Minstrels ➤Defeat 6 Enchanted Minstrels and 2 Sirens
  7. Making Progress! ➤Ring the Silver Gong.
  8. A Fork in the Road ➤You will have two options, either Decrepit Prison or Infested Cellar. (appears when you are on level 3)
    • Infested Cellar Route
      • Defeat 6 Enchanted Minstrels and 2 Sirens
    • Infested Cellar Route
      • Den of Spiders ➤Find the Golden Mallet in the Infested Cellar.
      • Defeat Abelard.
  9. Upward And Onward ➤Go to the Upper Anteroom. "My notes will bind your soul, my voice will shackle your hearts..." Says Lilith.
  10. Curtain Call ➤Defeat Lilith. "Come closer, my dears, my icy embrace will free you from the cares of this world. Your reward will be eternal servitude at my feet." Says Lilith.

Extra Info[edit | edit source]

  • The higher Raid Level one has:
    • More bounties will appear and will need to be killed - or -
    • More missions to end before one can move on.