The Arrival of the Duke

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The Arrival of the Duke
Level 10
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

The Arrival of the Duke is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Beyond learning that this Donalda character is definitely a suspect, I also learned that vanishing curses can only be lifted if the person or creature instantiating the curse no longer breathes life. On ly then, will those who have vanished, be returned.




  • Talk to Duke Reynaldo in Summer's Hollow.
  • Get a botlle of Mead from Tybalt in Summer's Hollow.
  • Ask Tybalt if he knows any gossip about Rhoda.
  • Ask Tybalt if he knows any gossip about Hugo.
  • Ask Tybalt if he knows any gossip about Donalda.
  • Ask Tybalt if he knows any gossip about Carwen.
  • Return the bottle of Mead to Duke Reynaldo in Summer's Hollow.


  • 3 silver, 90 copper
  • 9100 XP
  • Uncommon Shaman Headwear (different depending on the played class)



Duke Reynaldo: "Oh, just kill me now! What have I done? I am a fool!"

You "Whoa! Deep breath, Reynaldo."

Duke Reynaldo: "I should be banished to icy Shiverspine and stripped of all my royal titles, or fed to hungry Malogs, or worse!"

You "What is it that you have done?"

Duke Reynaldo: "I let my infatuation get the best of me! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Grrr, I can't think straight. Fetch me a bottle of something would you?"

You "Alcohol? In a crisis like this?"

Duke Reynaldo: "Please, it would help steady me. Then I will tell you a tale that may help in your investigation, since you seem to be the hero around here. I used to be heroic you know?"

You "Now really isn't the time for self-pity, Reynaldo."

Duke Reynaldo: "Tybalt hasn't vanished yet. He has the best mead and gossip in all of Summer's Hollow. Fetch me a Bottle of Hollow Mead, <Player Name>. Please?"

You "Okay."

Duke Reynaldo: "He is just over there."

Tybalt: "Whatchya thirsty for? Or some gossip? I can supply both! We're all doomed anyway, so everything is free today!" You "A bottle of mead, if you have one."

Tybalt: "I have a few of those, yes. The good stuff, too! Here you go."

You received Bottle of Hollow Mead!

You "Do you know any gossip about Dumpy Donalda?"

Tybalt: "Oh, a bad seed that one. She hated the world and everyone in it from the day she could walk. And that was long before the ogre, Gutgor, ever took her leg. Did you know that Donalda owns the infested farmstead to the south? An old woman left it to her in her will, but I'm sure Donalda used trickery on her to get it."

You "Do you know any gossip about Hugo Gummel?"

Tybalt: "A troubled young lad, that one. So much anger in him! Even more now, since the vanishings started. Why just earlier, he had a huge row with his mother, the mayor, and the next thing you know Mayor Gummel *POOF*, vanished! That sent the boy right over the edge. He stormed off down to Negrescu Vineyards, whispering dark things under his breath, and I haven't seen him since."

You "Do you know any gossip about Carwen, the understudy?"

Tybalt: "Interesting girl, and a power reader. Reinhard, the bookseller, told me once that she reads a book a day! Everything from botanical studies to books on convincing accents. It all works for her I suppose, she is a terrific actress!"

You "Do you know any gossip about Rhoda?"

Tybalt: "Besides the fact that she lost the mayoral race? Not much. I did hear that her mood has softened up since the vanishings started. Does that mean she's happy about people going POOF? I can't say for sure, but seems noteworthy."

You "Thanks Tybalt!"

Tybalt: "See you later!"

Duke Reynaldo: "An idiot stands before you... me! Did you get some mead?"

You "Yes, here. Now please tell me what happened."

Duke Reynaldo: "Not long ago, we were all enjoying ourselves at a huge banquet hosted by King Leo. Royalty from all the realms were there."

Gained 9100 experience!

You "Go on..."

Duke Reynaldo: "There's a feisty duchess I quite admire from Greenhaven. I wanted to impress her. I'd had a bit too much mead. So I just started telling her things."

You "What kind of things?"

Duke Reynaldo: "Secret things. Like how I knew Tarquin was still alive..."

You "Uh-oh."

Duke Reynaldo: "Only those in King Leo's most trusted circle knew that secret! But like an idiot, I blurted it out to the duchess. Even worse, mead always makes my voice amplify."

You "So everyone around you heard."

Duke Reynaldo: "Yes, I'm such a fool! The Malicious Miscreant must have been at the banquet and overheard of Tarquin's existence. And now all of these people have vanished, and it's my fault!"

You "It's not your fault, Reynaldo. Besides, I think you just gave me the final clue I need!"

Duke Reynaldo: "The final clue? That's wonderful news! Will you now confront the villain?"

You "Yes, after I review my notes to be sure."

Duke Reynaldo: "You sound like a conscientious hero, <Player Name>. Here, take these gifts. They may aid you in whatever is to come next. Best of luck to you, friend!"

You received Voltan's Resurrect! You lost 1x Bottle of Hollow Mead.

Continued in: Confronting The Malicious Miscreant.