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Use the Race infobox to help summarize information about a race/species (for the purposes of a fantasy world, those terms are interchangeable).


Infobox (Race)
Infobox (Race)
Habitats Pyrron
Affiliations Brindle Allance
Sapience Sapient
{{Infobox (Race)
| image = Image.png
| habitats = Pyrron
| affiliations = Brindle Allance
| sapience = Sapient
The filename of an image (without "File:", but including the file extension - image will be scaled down to 200px width).
Where the race lives. Can be a geographical region (e.g. Ardent) or a kind of environment (e.g. grasslands, swamps etc.)
Any nations or alliances the race affiliates with, e.g. Ardent, Brindle Alliance,
Whether the race has human-level sentience. Can be either Sapient (equivalent to human), Non-Sapient (equivalent to animal) or Non-Sentient (e.g. plants and such).