Summer's Hollow Quest

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Summer's Hollow Quest
Level 1
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

Summer's Hollow is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Adriel has asked me to stick around Summer'sHollow for a while and maybe do a little investigating.




  • Speak with the locals of Summer's Hollow, maybe I can start with Rhoda.


  • 5 copper
  • 100 XP


  • Run to Rhoda (just next to the landing pad) and talk to her. This ends the quest.
  • Keep talking to her to get the follow up quest: Dying for a Draught.


Rhoda: "Oh, I do love a good party! Why ever aren't you dancing, <Player Name>?"

You "I have a lot on my mind."

Rhoda: "Well you must really join us, and help celebrate! This is the Festival of the Four!"

Gained 100 experience!

You "What's the Festival of the Four?"

Rhoda: "Every year we celebrate the Legendary Four, and their defeat of vile Mallok. *hiccough* Pardon me! Say, could you do me a little favor?"

You "I'm out of breath mints, sorry."

Rhoda: "You're saucy! No, it's one of Chauncey's hiccough curing draughts that I need. Retrieve it for me, and I'll give you a ticket to the big play later, starring the famous Clementine DeClancy! Sound good?"

You "Sure! A play sounds intriguing! Where is Chauncey?"

Rhoda: "Down at the stables, just outside of town. Oh, and just ignore him if he starts raving about eerie happenings going on around town lately. Sanity isn't one of his strong suits."

Continued in: Dying for a Draught