Mining Pick

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Mining Pick
Mining Pick
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Mining Pick is a Gathering tool used for Mining ores from Mining Rocks.

[Please see the main article on Gathering tools for more information about condition, repair, and bountiful gathering, as well as the general Gathering article.]

Vendor Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Starts from level 1.
  • There are mining picks for every 5 levels for sale at a Tool Vendor.
  • The higher level picks cost more, but allow Bountiful Gathering from higher level nodes. Bountiful Gathering works for nodes up to 4 levels above the tool's level. E.g. a level 30 pick allows bountiful gathering up to level 34 nodes. (A level 1 tool is 1 silver, a level 90 is 25 gold 50 silver.
  • You are required to have the equivalent or higher level of mining before equipping a pick.
  • Vendor picks are tradable after purchase and equipping.
  • The Tool Vendors sell the following variants of Mining Picks:
Level Name Level Name
1 Dull Copper Pick 50 Pointed Silver Pick
5 Pointed Copper Pick 55 Sharp Silver Pick
10 Sharp Copper Pick 60 Blunt Pyrrite Pick
15 Blunt Tin Pick 65 Pointed Pyrrite Pick
20 Pointed Tin Pick 70 Sharp Pyrrite Pick
25 Sharp Tin Pick 75 Blunt Mithril Pick
30 Blunt Iron Pick 80 Pointed Mithril Pick
35 Pointed Iron Pick 85 Sharp Mithril Pick
40 Sharp Iron Pick 90 Blunt Koldcore Pick
45 Blunt Silver Pick

Crown shop[edit | edit source]

Thunder Runed Pick Axe from the crown shop is more durable, faster, grants bonus mining experience, and allows Bountiful Gathering at any level node. Binds on equip.

Other[edit | edit source]

[Missing info from the pick given if __ is selected as the realm of origin.]