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Habitats The Great Sea
Affiliations Those who come in peace
Sapience Sapient

Mara is a race in Villagers & Heroes.

Mara live in the Great Sea, both underwater and on land. There are four different kinds of Mara - Lysa, Anobri, Zona and Coruscan.

  • Lysa usually tend to be more artistic than others. Their home is located underwater, just near Barbing Rock. Lysa are colored purple.
  • Anobri race is interested of politics. Their home was destroyed long ago, by Coruscans and have since lived in Flowering Island, protecting their home. Anobri race is blue.
  • Zona are the most intelligent race of Mara and are very interested about science and everything that has something to do with it. Zona are from underwater city near Agari Cove, where they keep control. Zona are colored green.
  • Coruscans live in Zanzidon Grotto. Coruscans love war and are colored red.