Into Oblivion

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Into Oblivion
Level 5
Type Main quest
Location Gandymeade Grove

Into Oblivion is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Balfoure told me that he saw Clementine dump Hugo, who then flew into a rage almost like he was a different person! Then Hugo stormed down into the Valley of Oblivion. Balfoure suggested that I try to find Malmuira and see if she saw what happened next.




  • Head to the Valley of Oblivion north of Gandymeade Grove. The pass is North-East of Balfoure's camp.
  • Find Malmuira in the Ruins of Mallok and ask her about Hugo.
  • Find whatever it wasthat Hugo dropped.
  • Return the ring to Malmuira at the Ruins of Mallok.


  • 1 silver, 60 copper
  • 4200 XP
  • Uncommon Shaman Boots (different depending on the played class)


  • Balfoure sends you to the Valley of Oblivion, which is at NE side of the map, entrance is at F2.
  • Again you see the apparition appear and disappear.
  • Malmuira stands at G2, talk to her and ask about Hugo.
  • She tells you that he threw something at the old hooded statue. (F1)
  • On the left side of the Statue is a 'dirt pile', open it, and get the Engagement Ring of Clementine DeClancy - return it to Malmuira.
  • Keep talking to her to get the follow up quest: Gem Coaxing.


You "I'm sorry, but I just came from Summer's Hollow."

Malmuira: "What news do you bring? Is the Malicious Miscreant really demanding that all of the Torches of Mallok be relit?"

You "Yes. And I must prevent that from happening!"

Malmuira: "The Icewatch thanks you in advance for your efforts."

You "What exactly does the Icewatch do here?"

Malmuira: "We are an ancient order, stationed all over the Seven Realms. We are tasked with keeping the Torches of Mallok frozen so that the evil flames will never blaze their master's fire again."

You "The Miscreant wants the torches relit. What would happen then?"

Malmuira: "It would be a sign to those scattered and leaderless beasts of the world that they might come forth and violently reclaim the land they once ravaged as their own."

You "Such a thing must not happen! I need to know if you saw Hugo here last week?"

Malmuira: "I did indeed! He was absolutely deranged! Shouting and cursing, and then he threw something over near that old hooded statue."

You "I wonder what it was." Malmuira: "I'm sure it's still there. Hugo screamed at the dead saying it was all theirs, but they didn't seem too interested in it."

You "Then I'll find it! It could be a clue to this mystery."

Malmuira: "Look near the statue, somewhere around its base."

You "I will. Thanks, Malmuira."

Malmuira: "Good luck, <Player Name>!"

Malmuira: "Find what you were looking for, whatever it was that Hugo threw?"

You "Yes! It's Clementine's engagement ring!"

Malmuira: "And clearly Hugo didn't want her to ever get it back. I wonder what provoked Clementine in the first place."

Gained 4200 experience!

You "More mysteries!"

Malmuira: "You should show the ring to Eamon. He's got a flair with gem spells, and can coax histories out of them like you wouldn't believe."

You "Where can I find Eamon?"

Malmuira: "He hides out in the eastern part of Gandymeade Grove, near the cliffs. He does have a few obsessive habits, but humoring him might be worth it. I'll bet that ring could speak volumes."

You "I'll find him. Thank you, Malmuira, and good luck to the Icewatch." Malmuira: "Thank you, <Player Name>".

Continued in: Gem Coaxing.