Hunting for a Hag

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Hunting for a Hag
Level 9
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

Hunting for a Hag is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Tarquin mentioned a sea hag, and Viggo thinks that a local wizard may know something about that. Her name is Beppe and she is here in Summer's Hollow.




  • Speak with Beppe in Summer's Hollow.
  • Head to the Briny Caverns. I can reach Briny Cavers by going to Dagmar Strand.
  • The entrance is on the southern shore of Dagmar Strand.
  • Talk to someone at the encampent near the entrance of the Briny Cavers, and see if they know anything about Grubella.
  • Head North of Pimmy's camp in Briny Cavers to the Goblin Tunnels.
  • Get 8 Goblin Smithing Hammer.
  • Return to Pimmy in Briny Caverns with the Hammers.


  • 3 silver, 40 copper
  • 16,8k XP
  • Ucommon Wizard Staff (different depending on the played class)



Beppe: "I'm quite beside myself! My grandson has vanished! What kind of a villain takes innocent children?"

You "A monstrous one."

Beppe: "I've never been one for chasing fantastical legends, but with my grandson having vanished, I'm now desperate enough to try anything!"

You "What are you talking about?"

Beppe: "I used to work with the two wizards, Acra and Acron. They once spoke of something called, 'The Briny Scrolls.' Legend holds these mythical scrolls provide an account of the dark magic necessary in casting Vanishing Spells."

You "Then those scrolls could be the key!"

Beppe: "Indeed. There's an old sea hag named Grubella, known for her grisly collection of artifacts from the Shadow Years. She would likely know if The Briny Scrolls exist or not."

You "I've been looking for a sea hag! Where is this Grubella?"

Beppe: "Grubella lives in the Briny Caverns. She's a frightful thing, an ancient recluse who keeps herself well hidden. Oh, I'm desperate to find my grandson, <Player Name>! Will you seek Grubella out?"

You "Of course! Those scrolls just might save Summer's Hollow!"

Beppe: "You can enter the Briny Caverns through a tunnel on the south side of Dagmar Strand."

You "I'll go at once!"

Beppe: "Make haste, <Player Name>!"

Pimmy: "Bet you don't know this one! Ready? Define the word, 'vivisepulture' for me."

You "No time ! I need to find an old sea hag named Grubella."

Pimmy: "Mean little Dumpy Donalda was looking for the sea hag, too."

You "Why does it always seem like I am following that girl around..."

Pimmy: "So are you going to spit on me, too? Donalda spat on me for no reason! Makes me not want to help people anymore."

You "But I need help, please Pimmy, I need to find Grubella."

Pimmy: "Then do something nice for me. I'm the greatest wordsmith in the land, but I need more hammers so I can smith together really long words. Quality hammers, like the kind the little goblins carry."

You "You know that you can't actually smith words--"

Pimmy: "Don't question me! Questioning people isn't nice. Bring me five, NO, eight of their hammers!"

You "Fine. Where can I find the goblins?"

Pimmy: "Just north is the entrance to their tunnel. Do this, and I will tell you where Grubella lives."

You "I'll be back."

Pimmy: "Oh, yes."

Pimmy: "A word a day keeps the fungi away! Now define triskaidekaphobia! Or give me one of those goblin hammers so I can break it down for you."

You "Here are the hammers. Now please tell me where Grubella is."

Pimmy: "Don't know why you want to visit that old witch. I told Dumpy Donalda that Grubella lives in the Emerald Grotto, and no one ever saw Dumpy Donalda again! Incidentally, the word, 'madness' stems from the word--'"

Gained 16.8k experience!

You "Just need directions please!"

Pimmy: "Oh, all right... OH, YUCK!!"

You "What?"

Pimmy: "Eyeballs! There were a pair of human eyeballs stuck to the back of one of the hammers! Take them away!"

You "Gross. And weird."

Pimmy: "The Grotto entrance is down past the pond with the trivium waterfalls. But first you'll need to convince the three sirens to let you use their boat."

You received Pulsing Eyeballs! You lost 8x Hammer of Goblin Smithing

Continued in: The Briny Sirens.