Headmaster Rotburga

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Headmaster Rotburga
Headmaster Rotburga
Level 40
Health 85k
Type Elder Boss
Attack Radius On Sight
Unique Drops Elder fragment: Ruby Ether, Ice Headed Fireworm, Arcane Enchanting Powder, Leather
Location Wizard School - Lab
Species Sindahl

Headmaster Rotburga is an Elder Boss in Villagers & Heroes.

Rotburga, working in conjunction with Black Rose, has turned the wizard school eveil! She must be defeated.




  • None


  • Resistant to Physical, Magical
  • Heals very quickly

Quest[edit | edit source]

Extra Info[edit | edit source]

  • Summons also extra mobs to help him - 3 times - defeat those first, because they help him.