Grinchta's Lair

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Grinchta's Lair

Grinchta's Lair
Type Snowy Mountains
Level Range Free
Location Event Zones

Grinchta's Lair is the Christmas-themed event zone in Villagers & Heroes.

The event update includes this zone, seasonal shop items, and, sometimes, decorations in the regular zones.

For 2019, the event began on December 9th. On the world map, the zone appears near Shiverspine.

Riding atop a snowy winter storm came the Grinchta. With him he brought tidings of bad cheer, dark elves, evil toymakers, and ill will for all.

Grinchta's Lair Toy Crafting Guide



Daily Quests


The zone can be entered from either Ardent City or Summer's Hollow, but like all event zones, there is only one portal out, back to the zone you entered from.




  • None

Crafting Stations

  • Anvil (Blacksmith)
  • Cauldron (Cooking)
  • Lathe (Woodcrafting)
  • Spinning Wheel (Tailoring)
  • Vault

Gather Nodes

  • None


  • Relic Stone

Grinchta's Lair Toy Crafting Guide


Event Currency



  • Spriggy [shop]
  • Wintery Bee Companion [shop]
  • Fairy of Joy Companion [shop]
  • Fairy of Holly Companion [shop]
  • Peppermint Bee Companion [vendor]
  • Fairy of Cheer Companion [vendor]


  • Spriggan Christmas Caroler [shop]
  • Snowball [shop]

Outfits and Appearances

  • Stormhold Sojourner's Gnogpack [shop]
  • Winter Wonder Knight Gnogpack [shop]
  • The Frostcicle Weapon Gnogpack [shop]
  • The Peppermint Warfare Gnogpack [shop]
  • Sapphire Nutcracker Gnogpack [shop]
  • Royal Nutcracker Gnogpack [shop]
  • Emerald Nutcracker Gnogpack [vendor]
  • Ruby Nutcracker Gnogpack [vendor]
  • Santa's Outfit Gnogpack [shop]
  • Christmas Elf Gnogpack [shop]
  • Christmas Tree Hat Set [shop]
  • Christmas Antlers [shop]
  • Winter Dryad's Antlers|Oufit|Boots|Gloves [vendor]
  • Winter White Dryad's Antlers|Oufit|Boots|Gloves [vendor]
  • Peppermint Holly Shield [collect 12 Twelve Days of Christmas Lyric Page]
  • Santa's Boot Collection [collect 14 Let it Snow Lyric Page]
  • Santa's Glove Set [collect 6 Silver Bells Lyric Page]
  • Santa's Winter Hat [collect 10 O Christmas Tree Lyric Page]
  • Santa's Top Hat [collect 10 Deck the Hall Lyric Page]
  • Toy Maker's Top Hat [collect 10 Jingle Bells Lyric Page]
  • Green Whimsy Hat [collect 9 I Saw Three Ships Lyric Page]
  • Red Whimsy Hat [collect 9 Winter Wonderland Lyric Page]
  • Green White Striped Winter Hat [collect 8 Frosty the Snowman Lyric Page]
  • Red White Striped Hat [collect 8 Silent Night Lyric Page]
  • Green Red Striped Hat [collect 8 Up on the Housetop Lyric Page]


  • Fruit Cake [vendor, drop] - Green Thumb
  • Hot Chocolate [vendor] - Blessed Fabrication
  • Wassail [vendor] - Reaper's Thought
  • Eggnog [vendor, drop] - Half Mana
  • Gingerbread Cookie [quest, vendor] - Full Heal
  • Half-Eaten Gingerbread Cookie [drop] - Half Heal
  • Christmas Flute [quest, drop, Grinchta's Santa Sack] - Transform into a random Christmas Elf for 15 minutes
  • Candy Cane [Grinchta's Santa Sack]
  • Holiday Cheer [Grinchta's Santa Sack] - Hasty: Mounted speed increased by 30% for 10 minutes

Gear Boxes

Open to receive an epic item that matches your class, level, and specialization

  • Christmas Necklace|Ring|Belt|Boots|Gloves [vendor]


  • Grinchta's Santa Sack [bounty]
  • Festive Carol Songbook [quest, bounty, vendor] - use to get a random song page:
    • Frosty the Snowman
    • I Saw Three Ships
    • Jingle Bells
    • Silent Night
    • Up on the Housetop
    • Winter Wonderland
  • Jolly Carol Songbook [quest, bounty, vendor] - use to get a random song page:
    • 12 Days of Christmas
    • Deck the Hall
    • Let It Snow
    • O Christmas Tree
    • Silver Bells
  • Bottled Winter [Grinchta's Santa Sack, vendor]
  • Lump of Coal [Grinchta's Santa Sack]
  • Reindeer Droppings [Grinchta's Santa Sack]
  • Winter Wonder Mushroom [vendor]

Quest Items

  • Christmas Memory
  • Christmas Cookies
  • Stolen Christmas Gifts
  • Gift exchange:
    • Child's Slingshot
    • Pretend Magic Wand
    • Toy Horn
  • Toy crafting:
    • Christmas Train Set
      • 1 Wooden Train Wheels [crafted]
      • 1 Conductors Cap [crafted]
      • 1 Metal Train Tracks [crafted]
      • 1 Gnomish Toy Energy Source [crafted]
      • 1 Non-Melting Snow [dropped by Sinister Snowman]
    • Christmas Dollhouse
      • 1 Dollhouse Upholstery [crafted]
      • 1 Dollhouse Frame [crafted]
      • 1 Dollhouse Furnishings [crafted]
      • 1 Dollhouse Paint Set [crafted]
      • 1 Spare Arrow Feathers [dropped by Grinchta's Ranger]
    • Christmas Toy Soldier
      • 1 Toy Soldier Casting [crafted]
      • 1 Toy Soldier's Uniform [crafted]
      • 1 Wooden Toy Sword [crafted]
      • 1 Non-Toxic Lacquer [crafted]
      • 1 Small Soldier Button [dropped by Grinchta's Guardian]
    • Christmas Chemistry Set
      • 1 Kid-Safe Chemical Catalysts [crafted]
      • 1 Batch of Charcoal [crafted]
      • 1 Lil' Lab Coat [crafted]
      • 1 Harmless Elemental Extracts [crafted]
      • 1 Used Glass Vials [dropped by Dark Toymaker]