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The process of combining two items into one single item is called Gnogmenting. During the process, the player gets to choose the exact specifications of the new item that will be produced. This includes which feats & spells the item has, its abilities, its stats, and its cosmetic appearance.

To gnogment, a player simply visits one of the Gnogmentation workshops in Ardent City. You will recognize them from their green sparkle. Rorki the Gnome is stationed nearby to answer your questions.

Gnogmenting does not require a specific skill line and can be done by anyone.

Rules and clarifications[edit | edit source]

  • For two pieces of gear to gnogmented together, they must be of the same type. This means a pair of boots and a belt CANNOT be gnogmented with one another.
  • All Spells and Feats are allowed to be gnogmented with one another. This means you can have a staff that has both fire and ice spells on it! There are NO restrictions on spells or feats when it comes to gnogmenting.
  • All slots of gear are allowed to be gnogmented. This includes weapons, shields, outfits, boots, belts, gloves, hats, and jewelry.
  • There are certain restrictions on holiday feats and spells. The general rule of thumb is that holiday themed spells and feats cannot be gnogmented.

Most abilities (compared to spells or feats) are also compatible with one another; however ‘Main Class Abilities’ are not. Main Class abilities are those that conflict with one another and they are as follows:

  • Warrior –Swift Gear does not gnogment with Defender Gear
  • Wizard – Fire Affinity does not gnogment with Ice Affinity
  • Priest – Shadow Mastery does not gnogment with Healing Mastery
  • Hunter – Reinforced does not gnogment with Bow Mastery

Gnogmenting is PERMANENT. If a set of stats, a feat, a spell, or an ability does not make it onto the finished piece; it will be lost forever. Be careful to check your item before completing the process!

Naming[edit | edit source]

The name of a finished gnogmented piece will inherit the name of the item that you chose the stats from; meaning that if you pick the damage from a “Short Sword” then the new name of the item will be “Short Sword.” Later we will be adding in custom names, where a player can name the new piece of gear.

Extra Sockets[edit | edit source]

Extra Sockets can be added to even further enhance a set of gear by allowing more feats, spells, and abilities on an item. To use an Extra Socket, a player must simply have it in their inventory while performing gnogmentation.

Gnogmentation Window[edit | edit source]

Gnogmenting, or the combination of two items, is for the purpose of creating a single more powerful item, with the attributes of each. When placing two items in the gnogmenting window, their abilities are displayed underneath them.

This is your chance to customize your gear however you want! Choose which abilities best suit your play-style, and drag them over to the bar at the bottom of the window. As long as there are no conflicting abilities, and you do not go over the allotted limit (unless you own sockets) then you will be able to create the final piece.

Before doing so, make sure to select the ‘arrow’ from whichever gear has the best base statistics. By doing this, the final product will have the stats of the more powerful gear.

A combination of Elder, Crafted, and Dropped gear is a great strategy to create powerful gear!

Players also have another layer of choice by being able to select from numerous visual options for their gear. By scrolling through the variety using the arrows located above the bar, players can select the final appearance of the gear. This can range from either the two pieces of gear that are already in the window, to any previously learned gnogmentation recipes.

Event Outfitter[edit | edit source]

Mipou by the gnomish workshop in Ardent City is available to trade gnogmentation packs for certain event outfits. He desires an unsoiled, hard copy of the entire outfit set before he will trade for the pack.