Forced Rotation

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Forced Rotation
Level 60
Type Main quest
Location Ardent Castle

Forced Rotation is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I am helping Wren keep the guard rotations fresh, so that she can acquire new information by spying.




  • Kill 7 Lithe Adept
  • Kill 7 Stone Shaman
  • Kill 7 Stone Slugger
  • Kill 7 Stone Quickclaw


  • 40 silver
  • 108k XP
  • Pyrron Chapel Key
  • Uncommon Wizard Boots (different depending on the class you play)


  • The requested monsters are all here in Pyrron Upper Keep. They roam all over the map.
  • When you killed the requested amount of each of them, return to Wren to receive your reward.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Turning in quest

Wren: "Have you killed the guards yet?"

You "The guards should be rotating again soon."

Wren: "Excellent work, <player_name>. Our BRA is lucky to have you in it."