Elder Bosses

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There are 60 Elder Bosses currently in the Seven Realms.

They have 3 purple icons on their emblem.

They will always attack on sight.

Elder Bosses[edit | edit source]

Level Name
10 Albino Boar Bathechildis Desecrato Silkslinger
20 Elks Shadow Gutgor Lady's Fate Wrinkles
30 Banshee Queen Gloomspar King Minos Scamander
40 Headmaster Rotburga Karackus Ux Villarius
50 Oracle Achnine Oracle Azba Oracle Valiza Oracle Valkixa
55 Ceratiidae Tuatha Valuspa Volva
60 Amiens Basilica Ostendar Zagreb
65 Ignim Jadister Novacore Obsidon
70 Ceth Arkenblood Droktor Koggenstein Orog Doomslayer
75 Dijarra Lord Pyrrus Mutagen Skarn
80 Artair Beathag Fenella Graeme
85 Belxur Gaamkira Quibach Valax
90 Baldor Hox Jacinda Lannox