Down at the Docks

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Down at the Docks
Level 6
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

A Down at the Docks is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Gormlaith told me about how Rhoda was recently up to no good after losing the mayoral election. It looks like I have a new suspect. I should talk with Rhoda's family friend Tanaquil.




  • Talk with Tanaquil in Summer's Hollow.
  • Make your way to Marigold Marina gold by first going through the portal to Dagmar Strand.
  • Use the portal near the mountain path to travel to Marigold Marina.
  • Find Tanaquil's godson Decimus on the docks of Marigold Marina.


  • 2 silver
  • 3780 XP
  • Uncommon Shaman Belt (different depending on the played class)



Rhoda: "We should all just leave! We should leave right now! Why won't Mayor Gummel just order an immediate evacuation of Summer's Hollow!"

You "Best not to panic."

Rhoda: "I should never have voted for Mayor Gummel! I wish I'd voted for Rhoda instead." You "Was it a close election?"

Rhoda: "No, Rhoda got slaughtered, and she hasn't been the same since she lost, always so angry at everyone. Her mother is awfully worried about her."

Rhoda: "No, Rhoda got slaughtered, and she hasn't been the same since she lost, always so angry at everyone. Her mother is awfully worried about her."

You "How so?"

Rhoda: "Well, Rhoda's mother says Rhoda has been acting peculiar lately. She's become secretive and moody, and has been spending her nights down at Marigold Marina, doing who knows what."

You "Is it possible that Rhoda could be the Miscreant?"

Rhoda: "Oh, dear, oh, dear! I refuse to believe such a thing! Maybe you should investigate?"

You "Of course! Where is Marigold Marina?"

Rhoda: "There is a mountain path on the south west corner of Dagmar Strand. Once there, try talking to my godson, Decimus, he works the night shift on the docks."

You "Thank you."

Rhoda: "I just hope Rhoda is okay..."

Decimus: "I believed him! I did! Chauncey said something sinister had come our way!"

You "That's why I'm here. You're next, Decimus."

Decimus: "You're going to make me vanish? You are the Miscreant?"

Gained 3780 experience!

You "No. You're next on my list of people to interview. What's Rhoda been doing here lately?"

Decimus: "Oh, that good for nothing Rhoda! All she does is dance around and hiccough. She'd have made a terrible mayor! Good thing nobody voted for her."

You "Have you seen her doing anything peculiar since the election?"

Decimus: "I saw her talking to someone up at the old Wishing Well. Couldn't see who it was though, too dark. But I did see Rhoda drop something bright and shiny into the well."

You "Where is this old Wishing Well?"

Decimus: "To the north of us here in the Marina. But talk to Lothar first. He was running his gambling table that night, and might know a thing or two about Rhoda. But be careful, that guy is crafty and a bit of a trickster!"

Continued in: A Crafty Guy.