Defending the Grapevine

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Defending the Grapevine
Level 3
Type Main quest
Location Dagmar Strand

Defending the Grapevine is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I talked to Priam. She says the grapes tell her things. She'll tell me what they know about Carwen if I defend them from some prowling Bog Frogs. I think Priam is quite likely a nut job, but I will humor her.




  • Defeat 6 Bog Frogs in Crawson's Farm.
  • Return to Priam in Dagmar Strand.


  • 83 copper
  • 3150 XP
  • Uncommon Shaman Robe (different depending on the played class)


  • Talk to Priam Negrescu but before helping you she wants you to kill 6 Bog Frogs at F4.
  • Once you killed the requested amount, return to Priam and tell her the job is done.
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to her to find out all about Carwen and to get the follow up quest: Danforth the Peddler.


You "No idea what that means. Meanwhile, back to Carwen?"

Priam Negrescu: "Well, of course the grapes know all about Carwen. Maybe if you did something nice for my babies, they'd tell you about her."

You "And what would constitute as being a nice thing to do for grapes?"

Priam Negrescu: "The little darlings just hate those nasty Bog Frogs. They sneak up here from the fen and nibble on the leaves of my little babies. It's awful!"

You "Perhaps I can help with this Bog Frog problem?"

Priam Negrescu: "Oh, yes! If you do, I'm sure my babies will spill their juice about Carwen."

You "All right, I'm on it."

Priam Negrescu: "Just east, there in the Fen."