Crafter's Mark of Specialization

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Crafter's Mark of Specialization
Crafter's Mark of Specialization
Level N/A

Crafter's Mark of Specialization is an item in Villagers & Heroes.

A special emblem proving mass commitment to the realm. Take this mark to Steery in Ardent City to learn a Crafting Specialization.

Warning: Only one specialization can be learned per character. Choosing a specialization is permanent.


  • It can be bought at any Charter Token vendor. It will cost 175.000 Charter Tokens:
  • It must be turned at Steery, in Ardent City (stands next to the smithing station) to select and earn your specialization.


For more info, see Crafting Specializations or talk to Steery. You can only learn one specialization. Do not buy more than one Crafter's Mark. Your specialization can be seen in your enchantments in your character window.