Clotilde's Fishing Lesson

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Clotilde's Fishing Lesson
Level 3
Type Side quest
Location Dagmar Strand

Clotilde's Fishing Lesson is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Clotilde is guiding me through some useful lessons in how to be a good angler.


  • None



  • Catch 10 Ardent Bluegill from a level one fishing hole.
  • Bring the 10 Ardent Bluegill back to Clotilde.


  • 83 copper
  • 400 XP
  • 4000 XP Fishing



Clotilde: "Binkery doo, hello to you! Have you come to learn how to fish?"

You "I'd like to take a fishing lesson."

Clotilde: "Great! We will get started right away! Find yourself a fishing hole, and catch up some Ardent Bluegill. Ten should do it."

Clotilde: "How's it going? Have you caught a lot of fish?"

You "I caught 10 Ardent Bluegill like you asked."

Clotilde: "Very nice! These are some quality fish. I'll send these to Spint Tower to help with cooking lessons. Well done, <Player Name>! You have started on the trail to becoming a great angler."

You "I'll take my leave now."

Clotilde: "Farewell, <Player Name>!"