Chest of the Red Darrig

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Chest of the Red Darrig
Chest of the Red Darrig
Level N/A

Chest of the Red Darrig is an item in Villagers & Heroes.

This chest is locked, it needs a Key of the Red Darrig.


  • From the calendar or if you choose your new character from Ardent as your starter realm - also for sale in the Crown Shop.
  • There are Locked and Unlocked Chests.
  • Locked chests can be found from enemies in the world.
  • There can be anything in it, like consumables, mounts, outfits, relic shards, red doubloons, or toys.
  • To open it, you need a Key of the Red Darrig.

NEW (10/2019): You can now buy keys in the Darrig Fair: Cirque De Darrig: In Ardent City you'll find a portal within a tent that takes you to the Cirque de Darrig. This is the base of operations for everything darrig chest related. Browse some of the potential reward items, or purchase them outright with red doubloons - the darrig currency. Earn this currency by opening chests and selling unwanted items to the vendors.