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'Character' refers to an interactive representation of a game persona. They can be controlled by players or by the game (NPC's). Players can create 3 characters per server per user account for free. Two additional character slots are available by buying and activating a Character Slot Unlock from the Crown Shop. A player character is also known as an avatar or toon.

Newly created characters start in Elden Forest and must complete Elden Forest Quest before being allowed to exit the zone. New characters have a special bonus rewards calendar.

Character Creation

  • The Character creation in Villagers and Heroes allows the player to customize not only the look of their character, but also their background, innate skills and even their aspiration.
    • Background: Make your choice in:
    • Hero: choose between 4 different classes
    • Villager:
      • Skills: choice of 3 Gathering/Crafting skills you can boost, and 1 Gardening/Ranching skill you can boost
      • House: choice of 8 different housestyles
  • Name: Either you choose a name yourself or let the computer randomly choose one. Choice of name is permanent unless the paid Right of Rename is used or the character is deleted. (available at the shop)
  • Once the player is happy with all the selections made, the character is created and immediately becomes available to play.

Deleting Character

  • Characters can be deleted by clicking on the little bin icon next to you character name. Once it is deleted it will no longer be shown or available to play.
  • Character deletion is permanent and will cause a loss of all gear and items attached to that character.