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Brindles are a race in Villagers & Heroes. Contains Spoilers

Habitats Pyrron
Affiliations Benefactress, Resistance Against Pyrrus, Ardent, Stormhold, Greenhaven, Sunkentooth Marsh
Sapience Sapient

Brindles are a race that has a short pignose, elf ears and mole-like hands. They live underground in Pyrron regions. Some as slaves, some as Prisoners, some are thought to be dead or escaped, but really are planning against Pyrrus. The Pyrron used to be the homestead of Brindles, led by Queen Eleria. Brindles were hard working miners and builders and had a very good vision and could sense minerals and gems underground. But then Pyrrus took over. He slaughtered Queen Eleria, and Pyrrus along with his Gargoyle army, and elder army (The Ministers of Culture, Ministers of Propaganda, Ministers of Transportation, Ministers of War, Droktor, his wife Imogen, General Skarn and Dragon Dijarra. Pyrrus stole Brindleses vision, blinding them and gave the sight to his Gargoyles, and Brindles were forced to live in Pyrron, being blind and having senses, hearing, feeling and smelling as their eyes. Brindleses usually reside in Knockroe and The Stone Gardens where they plan against Pyrrus.