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Location Summer's Hollow
Grid D6

Bishon is a NPC in Villagers & Heroes.
Charter Tokens


  • In the Crafter District, he is standing close to the Vaults and not far from Char Daniels.
  • He's the one that gives you Charter Tokens for any gathered/crafted item you have.



This NPC sells:


Item Name Level Price
Royal Red Crown 0 300.000 Charter Tokens
Crafter's Mark of Specialization 0 175.000 Charter Tokens
Official Charter Robe 0 30.000 Charter Tokens
Royal Health Increaser 0 1.200 Charter Tokens
Royal Mana Increaser 0 1.200 Charter Tokens
Mote of Yorick 0 50 Charter Tokens


Learn these recipe to be able to turn some Cornucopias into a bigger one.

Item Name Level Price
Generous Cornucopia Recipe 10 22.500 Charter Tokens
Plenteous Cornucopia Recipe 20 45.000 Charter Tokens
Robust Cornucopia Recipe 40 67.500 Charter Tokens
Overflowing Cornucopia Recipe 50 90.000 Charter Tokens

Skill Books

On use, gain 2% experience towards your current level in Gathering or Crafting skill (max level 90)

Item Name Level Price
A Dummies Guide to Smithing 0 875 Charter Tokens
A Guide to Plants in the Seven Realms 0 875 Charter Tokens
Eredion's Secret Recipes 0 875 Charter Tokens
Fishing Tips and Tricks 0 875 Charter Tokens
On the Point of Needles 0 875 Charter Tokens
The Hands of a Carpenter 0 875 Charter Tokens
The Right Way to Mine 0 875 Charter Tokens
The Secret World of Bugs 0 875 Charter Tokens


Contains 12 to 18 Tradable Premium Gathering Supplies.

Item Name Level Price
Royal Bucket of Enormous Worms 1 625 Charter Tokens
Royal Case of Fragrant Nectar 1 625 Charter Tokens
Royal Drum of Volatile Oil 1 625 Charter Tokens
Royal Tote of Natural Whetstones 1 625 Charter Tokens