Beholden To Bethesda

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Beholden To Bethesda
Level 79
Type Main quest
Location The Rye

Beholden to Bethesda is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

It turns out that the ninth member of the Lumineers who is trapped in the Crux is Lysander! Egil said Lysander is the villain who murdered the royal princes and stole Queen Zoria’s orb. Lysander is the whole reason why Queen Zoria sealed off all entrances to the Crux, and why we have to find an alternate route! Nadia is shocked to hear this news. She said it can’t be true, and that Lysander is no villain. Nadia says the leader of the Rolumbites has a map which shows how to get to the Crux, but he will never share it with the Lumineers because he’s so angry with them. It will be up to me to get this map! The best way to do it is by ingratiating myself with the Rolumbites. I need to make them like me. Note to self.




  • Talk to Bethesda.
  • Collect 10 Pelter Toes.
  • Collect 8 Translucent Tortoise Shells.
  • Collect 10 Rye Salamanders. I can find them in the salamander leaf plant near the river’s edge.
  • Return to Bethesda and give her the moon mask materials.


  • 58 silver
  • 360k XP
  • Uncommon Priest Robe (different depending on the played class)


  • Nadia says the 9th Lumineers member is Lysander and he is in danger. First I need to talk to Bethesda = D4
  • She wants me to get her a few ingredients for the Rolumbite’s annual Moon Ritual.
  • 8 Translucent Tortoise Shells (along the river at F5)
  • Get 10 Pelter Toes from killing the Rye Pelter.
  • Collect 10 Rye Salamanders. I can find them in the salamander leaf plant near the river’s edge. (B4/5)
  • Return the requested items to Bethesda, this ends the quest.
  • Keep talking to her to get the follow up quest: Whipping Woes.


Bethesda: "Stop right there! Not another step! I'm getting a wave of unease and Cloten the Wise warned us of there being naysayers in the area!"

You "I've come only to admire the glory of the Rolumbo! Who is Cloten?"

Bethesda: "The leader of the Rolumbites, of course. He said a band of ruffian naysayers are trying to steal his Map of Gortrin Passage. The timing is terrible of course, what with our annual Ritual of the Moon coming up. There's just so much to do!"

You "Is there anything I can do to help you prepare for this ritual?"

Bethesda: "Indeed you can assist me! I am preparing for the ritual but have run out of supplies. If you could fetch them for me, I'd be much appreciative."

You "Sure, I can do that!"

Bethesda: "I'll write down a list of the ingredients for you. May the purple blood of the Rolumbo flow through you, friend!"

You "Purple blood of the huh? I mean, may it flow through you, too!"

Bethesda: "Glory! Safe travels."


Bethesda: "Were you able to get the supplies for our Ritual of the Moon?"

You "Yes! I have them all here."

Bethesda: "Glory! Now then. Allister sent word that he's run into some trouble with some of the new recruits. Perhaps you can help Allister whip the new recruits?"

Gained 360k experience!

You "Metaphorically whip them into shape?"

Bethesda: "No, literally beat them with a whip. Cloten says it is the best way."

You "Uh... okay, I guess."

Bethesda: "Don't worry, you'll get used to their screams in no time."

You lost 10x Pelter Toes.

You lost 10x Rye Salamander.

You lost 8x Translucent Tortoise Shell.

Continued in: Whipping Woes.