Becoming a Home Owner

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Becoming a Home Owner
Level 5
Type Side quest
Location Summer's Hollow

Becoming a Home Owner is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Donald wants me to speak with his sister Dareen in any Village. He says she can help me find a home to buy. I can visit any village by going through the large yellow portal in. Donald suggested I go to an open village that has housing slots available.


  • None



  • Visit a village and speak with Dareen. I can visit a village by going through the large yellow portal. Donald suggested I go to a village that has housing space available.


  • 1 silver, 60 copper
  • 2800 XP


  • Enter the yellow portal, just behind Donald in Summer's Hollow or
  • Enter the yellow portal on the raised platform between Crafter's Square and Market Row in Ardent City
  • Select a village with open housing slots to go to. You can choose either one of the open villages, or, if you are part of a guild, your guild's village.
  • Talk to Dareen near the center of the village to complete the quest. Then you can ask her how to get a house.
  • Click on the sign post in front of the empty lot you want to build your house - you will be given the option to move in. Free of charge, but you have to log in at least once/14 days or you loose the house.


Donald: "Have you been to a village yet? They are amazing!"

You "I plan to."

Donald: "They are quite exquisite. I own a home in one myself. Would you like to own a home?"

You "I would!"

Donald: "Visit my sister Dareen in one of the villages, then you can acquire your own home, for FREE! You should go to a village with housing available."

Dareen: "Welcome to the Village, \Player Name>!"

You "Your brother Donald sent me to find you."

Dareen: "Is he going on about how amazing villages are again? Well, he's right!"

Gained 2800 experience!