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Ardent is part of the Seven Realms in Villagers and Heroes

Ardent is the most populated Realm in the seven realms, and has wide variety of Creatures, People, Buildings, Beautiful Landscapes, Food, Drinks and many other things. It's capitol, is Ardent City, the biggest town in the Seven Realms.

The Ardent Castle is in the city, and in there lives King Leo, the King of Ardent, and his Knights and Servants. Ardent was formed after the great battle, which in aftermath the four classes of Hunters, Wizards, Warriors and Priests joined together to form Ardent. Ardent is formed of multiple areas, being, the Ardent Marsh, Capitol Area, Mountains, Lake Kiwa and Plains. The Great Sea might be / have be part of Ardent Kingdom, but not under the control of Ardent.

When creating a new character, picking Ardent as your starting realm gives you: