A Horse for Heroism

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A Horse for Heroism
Level 9
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

A Horse for Heroism is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Chauncey says that if I believe what he says and help investigate, he will give me a horse!


  • None



  • Complete the Summer's Hollow story line.
  • Keep on the look out to show that I have the qualities of the Legendary Four.
  • Saving Summer's Hollow is certainly the type of task that Chauncey was expecting of me. I need to save Summer's Hollow.
  • Summer's Hollow is saved. I should return to Chauncey and tell him what I have done.


  • 3 silver, 40 copper
  • 4200 XP
  • Tan Horse = free mount




Chauncey: "Well! Look who it is!"

You "Does that mean I get a horse?"

Chauncey: "I think the citizens of Summer's Hollow would riot if you didn't!"

You "Thank you."

Chauncey: "Thank you, <Player Name>! I'm so glad that you came to our little corner of the world."

Gained 4200 experience!

You "Goodbye."

Chauncey: "Fare thee well."